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Hi there.  I’m Kimber Sharpe and yes I AM a female.  LOL  I write hardcore adult fiction (Smut).  I like writing stories that are dark and then push them so they are a little more twisted than some are comfortable with.  These works are fiction and meant to be read for entertainment only.  I do not condone the acts that some of my titles include and all characters are of legal age.

Here is a list of my current titles and the links where they can be found :


BGBEST SELLER!  Baby Girl:  Baby Girl is about a young woman who is sold by her mother’s boyfriend like a prostitute. This story is NOT a romance and contains explicit descriptions of violent sex acts, bondage, dominance and submission, pain, oral and anal, and drug induced sex.  “…well-written and is worth the price.” 5 Stars from author, Dylan Cross


BG2_smallBaby Girl 2: The Comeback

Baby Girl is sold to a a new man, one that has been ruined because of his violent passion.  But he has plans for Baby Girl that could put him on top again.  She could become the star of his adult films IF she can survive the filming.  Warning:  This is dark erotica with themes that include dubious consent, bondage, oral and anal, brutal and cruel sex scenes with more than one partner, and drugged induced sex scenes.

Theater_small Amanda’s Diary:  Sex in the Theater

Amanda likes sex and isn’t ashamed to admit it. She writes about the sex she has in her diary. Each diary entry can stand on it’s own.  This entry includes very rough sex in public with multiple men.


freeingthewarlocksslave_smallFreeing the Warlock’s Slave

Sara stumbles into a world of dark ancient magic when she enters the shop on Bourbon Street.  The man in the shop lures her into temporary captivity and reveals that he is in fact a Warlock, demon of magic.  While under his power, she is compelled to do anything he tells her to do.  Themes include dubious consent, sex with multiple partners, strangers, and the demon of magic himself.


TwistedTales_Ella_smallTwisted Tales:  EllaAfter Ella’s mother dies, she’s left with her wicked stepfather and three evil stepbrothers.  When she turns 18, her stepfather, Adam tells Ella she must earn her keep or be put in the streets and accused of being a witch. Terrified of what could happen to her, she agrees to become Adam’s slave but realizes quickly enough that she is slave to him AND his sons and every twisted dark idea they have in their heads.


ExtraterrestrialAffairs-smallExtraterrestrial Affairs:  8 confessions of women abducted by aliens and used for sex. Each confession is about a different kind of alien and very different experiences. This is adult fiction and not erotic romance. Themes include bondage, multiple partners, and abduction.



theinterrogationcover-smallThe Interrogation  A woman is interrogated and tortured with sex by those who want her to betray her unit and give up important information. Will she break or will the endurance be worth while? This is adult fiction and contains explicit and brutal sex scenes that include gangbang, bondage, and hardcore anal and oral. Intended for adults only.


sexslave_smallSex Slave:  Jessica makes an arrangement with her mother’s new boyfriend to become his submissive in exchange for taking care of her family. She begin her training to be a submissive but learns quickly that the arrangement includes a lot more than what she initially thought.




WF Wicked Fantasies:  Wicked Fantasies includes 4 hardcore sex stories about 2 hour sessions with women for a streaming feed to an internet website. These stories include voyeurism, forced sex, pain, bondage, double penetration, facial abuse, gang bang, and submission.



ThePirate_smallThe Pirate:  Jane has a magic necklace that transports her into the past for twenty four hours. The only way she can get home is through a burst of sexual energy. Jane finds herself in the belly of a pirate ship and is accused of being a witch. How is she supposed to return home if the men that could get her there are making her walk the plank?   This is NOT a romance and contains explicit depictions of sex acts involving more than one partner.