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Nice to meet you

Hello.  This is my introduction to the world.  I’m Kimber Sharpe and I recently finished and published my first erotica story, Daddy’s Little Sex Slave, on Amazon.  So, yeah, as you can tell by the title of the book, I’m a little twisted.  🙂

I’m currently working on a series  of short stories called 2 Hour Streams.  So far I’ve finished Captured!, Raped!, Sacrificed!, and Abducted!  They are about 2 hours of brutal and taboo sex streamed live to the internet.  I hope to have the fifth installment called Tortured! finished later this evening for a set of five.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt of my published story to give you a taste of what I write.  This is a scene of Jessie and her stepbrother in the shower.

“Now you undress and get in the shower.”  He stepped past me and into the shower.  I did as he asked, dreading what he might tell me to do next.

“Well, go ahead.  Start cleaning me.”

I reached for the soap and lathered my hands.  I cleaned every part of him and then washed and rinsed his hair.  And he liked it.  His dick poked at my hip with every movement I made.  When I finished, I stepped back.

“You missed some spots,” he said in that raspy voice he had used before when he was about to be cruel.  “That was a bad little slave.  Daddy wouldn’t be happy if he found out.”  I bit my tongue and reached for the soap again.  Fine, I would jerk him off.  I lathered his cock and slid my soapy fingers up and down.

“My balls too,” He said.  “And my ass.” 

I did what he wanted.  Then moved back to his dick.

“With your mouth.”

I stared at him.  “But there’s soap!”

“Do it.”  His gaze hardened and he put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down to my knees.  I leaned forward and took his soapy dick into my mouth, wincing at the taste.  “That’s right.  When you mouth off to me you should get your mouth washed out with soap!”  He laughed then.

I sucked at his cock, ignoring the taste, hoping he would get off soon.  He pulled out and grasped his cock, lifting it.  I closed my eyes and took a breath then began licking at his balls too.  He lifted a leg to the ledge of the tub.

“Lick my asshole too.”  He told me.  I obeyed.  He wound one hand in my wet hair so he could control where he wanted me to be.  He roughly guided me back to his dick, and then released it so I could take it back into my mouth. 


I pressed him against the back of my throat and then began moving my lips back and forth up and down his length.  I jumped when he angled the showerhead to my face and I received a face full of water while he held my head there on his dick. 

“I said deeper.”  He rasped as he moved the showerhead away.  “Do it right.”

I tried but when he still wasn’t satisfied, he shoved me down so that I was sitting on my legs.  Holding the bar on the back of the shower wall with one hand, he straddled my face and jerked my hair back so that he had access to my throat.  He pushed into me to the hilt, then wrapped a leg around me to hold me there, grinding into my face so I couldn’t breathe.  When his hips began thrusting, I tried to move so I could get away from the brutal face fucking but he held me.

“Take it.”  He grunted down at me.  He worked my head by jerking my hair and I was surprised he didn’t pull it out.  Still it wasn’t enough for him.  He jerked away and I coughed and tried to catch my breath.

“Lay down.” 

I started to move but he stopped me.  “No, lay down with your legs under you.”  He had a dark look in his eyes.  I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t hit me if I didn’t do what he said.  So I obeyed.  He slid me forward so he could kneel right behind my head.  He leaned over me and took my arms, crossing them across my stomach and held them there where he could rest his arms on my legs, pinning me so that I couldn’t move.

“Open your mouth.”

I did and he slid his cock deep.  I didn’t gag and remembered to take a breath before he ground into my face.  His jabs were quick and hard and he groaned when I would struggle to breathe, enjoying my discomfort.  He’d pull back just enough for me to drag one breath and then smother me again. 

“Oh God, yes.  I’m coming, Jessie.”  And then he didn’t let me breathe at all.  I tried to buck but he ignored me, wild with need.  He shoved into my face, groaning and grunting until he finally filled my throat with cum.  Lights danced behind my lids.

“Swallow if you want to breathe.”  He snarled.  I tried and gagged and he lowered more of his weight on my face.  I tried to swallow some of it but gagged again when I tried to take the rest.  It was hard not being able to breathe.  And to my horror, he was growing hard again.  I tried to make a sound, to let him know I needed to breathe and that only made his dick jerk with excitement.

“Swallow it.”  He rasped again.  I at last managed to do what he wanted and he lifted off of me.  I sucked breathe into my lungs loudly and coughed.

He stood up and stepped out of the shower.  “Come dry me off.”  His eyes glittered when I looked at him and then lowered my gaze to his cock.  Dear God.  We weren’t finished yet.

If you like this kind of thing, you can buy the book on Amazon for 99 cents HERE.