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My twisted mind

I’ve been asked many times where I come up with the stories i write.  I just sit down at the computer and think of some dark idea.  Then I start writing and wing it from there.  I write about what I think is hot and then push and twist that idea until it’s really taboo.

i recently finished two more stories and have them available on Amazon.  One is the series of short stories.  I ended up calling the collection Wicked Fantasies.  Wicked Fantasies includes 4 hardcore sex stories about 2 hour sessions with women for a streaming feed to an internet website. These stories include voyeurism, forced sex, pain, bondage, double penetration, facial abuse, gang bang, and submission. These are NOT romantic stories.  To read a sample, visit the book page on Amazon HERE

The other story available is called Baby Girl.  Baby Girl is about a young woman who is sold by her mother’s boyfriend like a prostitute. This story is NOT a romance and contains explicit descriptions of violent sex acts, bondage, dominance and submission, pain, brutal oral and anal, and drug induced sex.  You can read more about it HERE.

Okay, and no, I’ve never had sex with any family member, blood related or not.  LOL  It’s just fiction and not real.