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The Pirate now available on Amazon!

ThePirateHi everyone!  I’ve got a new title available!  It’s called The Pirate and is the first installment of my new erotica series Jane’s Sex Adventures.  Jane has a magic necklace that transports her into the past for twenty four hours. The only way she can get home is through a burst of sexual energy. Jane finds herself in the belly of a pirate ship and is accused of being a witch. How is she supposed to return home if the men that could get her there are making her walk the plank?

Each installment is a sex adventure that takes place in the past.  I love this series because of Jane’s character.  In The Pirate, readers find out she has a cat named Mr. Tumnus.  She has a mother that is clearly disappointed that her daughter hasn’t married and has children.  She has an asshole ex boyfriend.   And more details about her life is revealed in each installment.  While the installments are short reads, I hope they will prove enjoyable to readers.

The Pirate is available now on Amazon for just 99 cents.  Click HERE to get your copy!