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Will the real Kimber Sharpe please stand up?

Due to the number of readers who’ve asked me if I write about personal experiences, I decided that I should blog a little more about my personal tastes, what turns me on, and share some of my real life experiences to give my readers a little more insight to who I am and why I write what I write, AND to answer readers questions.  So today, I’m going to answer the top three questions readers ask me.

Yes, I am in a relationship…a very sexual one.  I’ve always enjoyed sex but to be honest, I never really let myself go completely until I met Dave.  I feel completely at ease with him and we both know we can try anything with one another.  He’s very Alpha and I’m Alpha as well which I thought at first wouldn’t work, and we do have our headbutting moments, but for the most part we are a good fit for one another.

Yes, I am a female.  I think most readers assume I am a man since my stories are pretty much smut and focus on women being dominated.

Yes & No in regards of me writing from my own experiences.  Of course I’ve had sex and I like being tied up, spanked, and dominated which are themes that do work their way into my stories.  I’ve never had sex with an alien obviously.  I’ve never been seduced by a family member.  I’ve never been sold as a prostitute.  I’ve never streamed me having sex onto the internet.  I’ve never been used by a room full of men.  I’ve never traveled back in time to have sex with Blackbeard.  Everyone, regardless if they admit it or not, has a freak flag.  I fly mine proudly but when I write, I take it up a notch so that the flag still flies…just on the moon.

I’ll try to write more personal blog posts for my readers from now on so that you all can get to know me and my tastes a little better.  Please, if you like any of my posts, feel free to share them on your pages or social medial accounts.  🙂