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Falling in Love & Lust

So I decided to write a little from my own experience.  This is what I wrote about the first time I went home with Dave, my significant other.  I hope you all enjoy this little memory.

Dave is a big biker and not the type I’ve ever really been into with his tattooed arms and goatee.  I was reluctant to accept his initial advances, certain that he was trouble, but he was persistent and within a few months I knew I wanted him.  I’d only had sex with two other men and hadn’t been laid in about a year.  I’ve always been self conscious about my body but the first time I went home with Dave, I left my shyness at the door.

I felt small beneath the large hands that moved over my body.  When he leaned down and kissed me I lost myself in his lips.  Wrapping my arms around his neck I felt the world around me disappear.  The only thing I was aware of was the passion in which we kissed and the burning desire that was coiling in my chest.

It was that desire that made me begin pulling at his t-shirt wanting to feel his body against mine.  We quickly undressed and came back into one another’s embrace.  His hands were warm as they roamed over my body and he claimed my mouth again.  I wanted to touch every part of him.  I loved the way his hot skin felt beneath my fingertips when I slid them across his deep chest and over his broad shoulders.

“Get on the bed,” his commanding voice sent shivers down my spine.  I turned and crawled onto his king size bed, then rolled onto my back.  The way his eyes moved over my body excited me.  And the length of his erection only accelerated that excitement.  He didn’t give me long to look however and joined me on the bed.  He took one of my already hardened nipples into his mouth and sucked hard then tightened his lips and tugged. I arched, surprised that I enjoyed the slight pain that he inflicted.  He released me and moved to the other breast while he slid his hand between my thighs.  He stopped when his finger slipped into my cunt.

“You are already wet.”  There was a hint of surprise in his voice.

“You turn me on,” I told him honestly.  And then he made that sound in the back of his throat that I love; sort of a half moan, half growl.

He dragged his finger out and over my clit sending tingling sensations through my abdomen.  “Yesss,” he hissed when I moaned.  He attacked that bundle of nerves with fever and in moments had me bucking beneath an intense explosion of pleasure.  He curled one strong arm beneath me, holding me while I rode the orgasms he delivered one after another by playing with my clit.  When he finally released me from his sweet torture, I stared at him in amazement.  He’d known exactly how to manipulate my body.

He moved between my knees, grasped my thighs as he positioned himself then drove his cock into me.  I cried out, thankful for the deep intrusion.  It had been so long since I’d had a man inside of me and it felt good.  I was still a woman, thank God.

He released my thighs and leaned over me and began rocking into my cunt.  I lifted my hips with his every stroke, wanting more.  I gripped his strong shoulders as tension began pulling tight inside of me and I voiced my need by pleading for more.

“Please,” I begged without shame.

“That’s it,” he said, “Cum for me.”  His voice wrapped around those words sent me over the edge and into my last orgasm of the night.  I writhed from the violence of pleasure shaking through me and screamed out his name.  It was no more than a moment later that he buried deep inside of me and shouted, filling me with his own release.  We held onto one another as we gasped for breath.

“Damnit, girl,” he finally murmured. Damnit indeed.  We’d been like animals.  I knew at that moment that I had to have more.