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About Me

Hi.  I’m Kimber Sharpe and I write adult erotic fiction.  I live in the southern united states with my boyfriend, a big biker with a sexy goatee and tattoos.  We have an apartment in the back of his motorcycle shop (He also races cars and owns a speed shop).  Now before you start assuming, I’m not a biker chick.  I’ve only ridden on the back of his bike a few times (I like it) but have never ridden one alone.  And I’ve only ridden in one of the cars he races once on the track going fast…scared the shit out of me.  It’s not the going fast that scares me…it’s the going fast all of the sudden that freaked me out.  LOL

I’m a book nerd and an internet addict.  So yeah, opposites attract I guess.  I’ve been writing stories since I was a child but only started writing smut in August of 2013.  Why?  Because a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Instead, I share mine with other like dirty minded people.

Why do i call it taboo erotica?  Because it is.  I think of something twisted and then push it as far into the dark as I can before I make myself uncomfortable. Themes include pseudo incest (no blood relations..that’s just too icky for me), abduction, capture, dubious consent, manipulative and blackmail scenarios, and even drug induced.  The female characters are always dominated, usually bound, and used by the other character or characters.  But it’s not BDSM like the lifestyle…it’s something more sadistic and cruel.

Yes, I’m a freak.  LOL  My flag flies from the moon.  But I don’t write from my experiences. I’m too alpha to allow a man to manipulate and use me.  🙂  But I like to read and write about it.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I have about seven works in progress all the time.  My coming soon page is just the ones I’m closest to finishing.  My goal is to write as many stories as possible and improve with each one I publish.

Eventually I will have my books available for purchase here on my site as well as other places but for now I’m with Amazon and Smashwords, at least until they tell me I’m too dirty to publish with them!

Aside from writing, I love to watch movies and television.  I like True Blood, Supernatural, and yes, I admit it, Psych.  I’m also a big fan of Gordon Ramsey and cooking competition shows.  I love to cook.  My boyfriend and I both like watching BBQ Pitmasters with Myron Mixon.

I’ve recently become a fan of Fast N’ Loud.  My boyfriend watches it so much that I can’t help but to get interested.  Aaron Kaufman’s beard rocks!

I’ve debated putting a picture of myself on my site because I also write under another name and I’m not sure I want my family (mainly my dad) buying one of my titles thinking it will be like the other stuff I write.  LOL

So I’ll consider it and maybe in a few months I’ll go ahead and post a pic here.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I hope you bookmark my website and come back to read my blog and check out my new books as they are published.  🙂