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A New social media site!

Like I need another profile.  But I decided to make Tumblr special by dedicating it to visual depictions of the really rough and dark sex I write about.  That’s right…a page of porn and erotic art!  Due to the limitations on other Social Sites, I was unable to actually show pics and video clips but […]

Reality vs what I write

I do not write BDSM as in the lifestyle.   It’s true my characters get tied up, spanked, “punished” etc but are manipulated and and blackmailed to submit to dark sexual acts of those that have power over and dominate them.  The female characters consent but it’s because they feel they have to.   Themes […]

Just in time for the New Year!

I’ve got seven titles of a new series coming out before New Years Eve!  The new series is called Amanda’s Diary: Confessions of a Fictional Slut and is about Amanda’s wild nights being dominated by one or more people.  Amanda is a slut and loves being dominated roughly.  She embraces the rough sex and describes […]

New Features added!

As many of you have seen, I’ve been adding new features to my website and changing how it looks.  I love purple so purple remains but spiced up a bit to match the heat in my books! Also, I have now added book covers to my title listings. I have a newsletter!  Yay!  I know, […]

The Interrogation Available Now at Amazon

  A woman is interrogated and tortured with sex by those who want her to betray her unit and give up important information. Will she break or will the endurance be worth while? This is adult fiction and contains explicit and brutal sex scenes that include gangbang, bondage, and hardcore anal and oral. Intended for […]

Coming Soon: The Interrogation

Yep, finished another heart pounding adult fiction book!  This one is about a woman who is captured and interrogated by the enemy and his army.  They torture her for hours with sex trying to make them give her the information they want.  Given chance after chance, she chooses the torture over giving up what she […]

Will the real Kimber Sharpe please stand up?

Due to the number of readers who’ve asked me if I write about personal experiences, I decided that I should blog a little more about my personal tastes, what turns me on, and share some of my real life experiences to give my readers a little more insight to who I am and why I […]

Too Twisted For Amazon!

I know people would be a little upset if their title was blocked on Amazon…not me!  I know that my writing is taboo.  I write sex.  Not erotic romance.  Sex.  Smut.  Porn.  Taboo fantasies that both men and women enjoy if they are twisted enough.  Apparently Wicked Fantasies was too twisted. I expect more blocking […]

The Pirate now available on Amazon!

Hi everyone!  I’ve got a new title available!  It’s called The Pirate and is the first installment of my new erotica series Jane’s Sex Adventures.  Jane has a magic necklace that transports her into the past for twenty four hours. The only way she can get home is through a burst of sexual energy. Jane […]

Internet Issues

I’ve not disappeared!  I have temporary limited internet access.  Once I have internet again, I’ll have several titles published at once!  I’ve been writing like a crazy woman.  So there will be more twisted smut coming soon!  I have already finished two new titles and am working on two more.  In the next couple of […]

What’s coming up next?

For those who have enjoyed Daddy’s Little Sex Slave and Baby Girl, I’m working on a new smut story called Stranded! that should be finished by the end of this week and available on Amazon for 99 cents.  It’s about a woman stranded on an island with four men.  I’m also working on one that […]

My twisted mind

I’ve been asked many times where I come up with the stories i write.  I just sit down at the computer and think of some dark idea.  Then I start writing and wing it from there.  I write about what I think is hot and then push and twist that idea until it’s really taboo. […]

Nice to meet you

Hello.  This is my introduction to the world.  I’m Kimber Sharpe and I recently finished and published my first erotica story, Daddy’s Little Sex Slave, on Amazon.  So, yeah, as you can tell by the title of the book, I’m a little twisted.  🙂 I’m currently working on a series  of short stories called 2 […]