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A New social media site!

Like I need another profile.  But I decided to make Tumblr special by dedicating it to visual depictions of the really rough and dark sex I write about.  That’s right…a page of porn and erotic art!  Due to the limitations on other Social Sites, I was unable to actually show pics and video clips but now through Tumblr, I’m able to give readers more of a visual picture of what I see in my head when I’m writing!

Check out the site at:

But be warned.  The images on the page have no blurred out bits.  They are depictions of sex acts that are dark, rough, and sometimes cruel.  There are pics of bondage and multiple partners.  So don’t click if you are easily offended by any of those.

Reality vs what I write

I do not write BDSM as in the lifestyle.   It’s true my characters get tied up, spanked, “punished” etc but are manipulated and and blackmailed to submit to dark sexual acts of those that have power over and dominate them.  The female characters consent but it’s because they feel they have to.   Themes also include being captured, abducted, role play that includes rape fantasies.  My stories are twisted and very dark erotica…and not a lifestyle choice or a how to guide.

I recently received a bad review for Sex Slave and part of it was because she assumed it was BDSM.  The guy tells the female he wants a submissive, for her to submit to whatever he wants.  I can see how that might lead someone to think it is BDSM.  In fact the guy wants to dominate and rule over the female.  And she agrees to it because she thinks that her family will receive a better lifestyle.

Also, it’s FICTION.  It’s for entertainment ONLY.  Half the stuff I write about I wouldn’t tolerate in my personal life.  LOL I would castrate a man if he tried some of the stuff I write.  I like to read dark sex stories, even rape fantasies, but in real life no means no or someone gets shot.  🙂

On the same note, I also like to read about sex with werewolves and vampires.  I don’t expect one to be hiding in the dark corners of my bedroom though.  Because I have sense enough to know its fiction.  Just sayin.

Just in time for the New Year!

I’ve got seven titles of a new series coming out before New Years Eve!  The new series is called Amanda’s Diary: Confessions of a Fictional Slut and is about Amanda’s wild nights being dominated by one or more people.  Amanda is a slut and loves being dominated roughly.  She embraces the rough sex and describes her experiences in explicit detail via her diary entries. The stories can be read in any order so choose which adventure you want to read first and enjoy!

Sometimes its sex with people she knows.  Sometimes its strangers.  Sometimes its more than one partner at a time.  Sometimes it’s role playing or fulfilling some dark fantasy.


If you like dark, rough, and not always socially accepted adult fiction, you’ll want to read this series!  Watch for the first seven titles of this series to become available for just 99 cents per story!



Love Out of Lust Part 3 (Review)

RayI read this title not having read the first two parts and was afraid I might be lost. My fears were for nothing.  While this the third installment to a series, the title can stand alone.  I felt I knew the characters and loved the easy blend of sex into the lives of Marisol and Daryl. There was even a really good fight scene to satisfy my need for alpha male testosterone. It definitely left me wanting to read more of this series!

I give Sostre 5 Stars for Love Out of Lust Part 3 and definitely recommend it to any reader who likes a good plot and smoldering sex!

Pick up your copy of Love Out Lust Part 3 or read all three installments of the Series!  Also, take a look at other titles from Ray Sostre!  Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to find out when the next installment is released!



New Features added!

As many of you have seen, I’ve been adding new features to my website and changing how it looks.  I love purple so purple remains but spiced up a bit to match the heat in my books! Also, I have now added book covers to my title listings.

I have a newsletter!  Yay!  I know, I know.  Finally!  I will be writing free stories for subscribers, giving away free copies, and letting readers get sneak peeks of upcoming titles.  So make sure you join!

And yes, I have sponsor links.  Don’t hate me.  I have them so i can stop worrying so much about my bills and focus more on writing more smut!  I appreciate any visits to those sponsors!

And there is much more to come!  So check back often and see what’s going on!


The Interrogation Available Now at Amazon



A woman is interrogated and tortured with sex by those who want her to betray her unit and give up important information. Will she break or will the endurance be worth while?

This is adult fiction and contains explicit and brutal sex scenes that include gangbang, bondage, and hardcore anal and oral. Intended for adults only.

Grab your copy for 99 cents here:

Coming Soon: The Interrogation

Yep, finished another heart pounding adult fiction book!  This one is about a woman who is captured and interrogated by the enemy and his army.  They torture her for hours with sex trying to make them give her the information they want.  Given chance after chance, she chooses the torture over giving up what she knows.  Contains explicit sex scenes that include BDSM, brutal oral and anal, and gangbang.  Here’s the cover:


Falling in Love & Lust

So I decided to write a little from my own experience.  This is what I wrote about the first time I went home with Dave, my significant other.  I hope you all enjoy this little memory.

Dave is a big biker and not the type I’ve ever really been into with his tattooed arms and goatee.  I was reluctant to accept his initial advances, certain that he was trouble, but he was persistent and within a few months I knew I wanted him.  I’d only had sex with two other men and hadn’t been laid in about a year.  I’ve always been self conscious about my body but the first time I went home with Dave, I left my shyness at the door.

I felt small beneath the large hands that moved over my body.  When he leaned down and kissed me I lost myself in his lips.  Wrapping my arms around his neck I felt the world around me disappear.  The only thing I was aware of was the passion in which we kissed and the burning desire that was coiling in my chest.

It was that desire that made me begin pulling at his t-shirt wanting to feel his body against mine.  We quickly undressed and came back into one another’s embrace.  His hands were warm as they roamed over my body and he claimed my mouth again.  I wanted to touch every part of him.  I loved the way his hot skin felt beneath my fingertips when I slid them across his deep chest and over his broad shoulders.

“Get on the bed,” his commanding voice sent shivers down my spine.  I turned and crawled onto his king size bed, then rolled onto my back.  The way his eyes moved over my body excited me.  And the length of his erection only accelerated that excitement.  He didn’t give me long to look however and joined me on the bed.  He took one of my already hardened nipples into his mouth and sucked hard then tightened his lips and tugged. I arched, surprised that I enjoyed the slight pain that he inflicted.  He released me and moved to the other breast while he slid his hand between my thighs.  He stopped when his finger slipped into my cunt.

“You are already wet.”  There was a hint of surprise in his voice.

“You turn me on,” I told him honestly.  And then he made that sound in the back of his throat that I love; sort of a half moan, half growl.

He dragged his finger out and over my clit sending tingling sensations through my abdomen.  “Yesss,” he hissed when I moaned.  He attacked that bundle of nerves with fever and in moments had me bucking beneath an intense explosion of pleasure.  He curled one strong arm beneath me, holding me while I rode the orgasms he delivered one after another by playing with my clit.  When he finally released me from his sweet torture, I stared at him in amazement.  He’d known exactly how to manipulate my body.

He moved between my knees, grasped my thighs as he positioned himself then drove his cock into me.  I cried out, thankful for the deep intrusion.  It had been so long since I’d had a man inside of me and it felt good.  I was still a woman, thank God.

He released my thighs and leaned over me and began rocking into my cunt.  I lifted my hips with his every stroke, wanting more.  I gripped his strong shoulders as tension began pulling tight inside of me and I voiced my need by pleading for more.

“Please,” I begged without shame.

“That’s it,” he said, “Cum for me.”  His voice wrapped around those words sent me over the edge and into my last orgasm of the night.  I writhed from the violence of pleasure shaking through me and screamed out his name.  It was no more than a moment later that he buried deep inside of me and shouted, filling me with his own release.  We held onto one another as we gasped for breath.

“Damnit, girl,” he finally murmured. Damnit indeed.  We’d been like animals.  I knew at that moment that I had to have more.

Will the real Kimber Sharpe please stand up?

Due to the number of readers who’ve asked me if I write about personal experiences, I decided that I should blog a little more about my personal tastes, what turns me on, and share some of my real life experiences to give my readers a little more insight to who I am and why I write what I write, AND to answer readers questions.  So today, I’m going to answer the top three questions readers ask me.

Yes, I am in a relationship…a very sexual one.  I’ve always enjoyed sex but to be honest, I never really let myself go completely until I met Dave.  I feel completely at ease with him and we both know we can try anything with one another.  He’s very Alpha and I’m Alpha as well which I thought at first wouldn’t work, and we do have our headbutting moments, but for the most part we are a good fit for one another.

Yes, I am a female.  I think most readers assume I am a man since my stories are pretty much smut and focus on women being dominated.

Yes & No in regards of me writing from my own experiences.  Of course I’ve had sex and I like being tied up, spanked, and dominated which are themes that do work their way into my stories.  I’ve never had sex with an alien obviously.  I’ve never been seduced by a family member.  I’ve never been sold as a prostitute.  I’ve never streamed me having sex onto the internet.  I’ve never been used by a room full of men.  I’ve never traveled back in time to have sex with Blackbeard.  Everyone, regardless if they admit it or not, has a freak flag.  I fly mine proudly but when I write, I take it up a notch so that the flag still flies…just on the moon.

I’ll try to write more personal blog posts for my readers from now on so that you all can get to know me and my tastes a little better.  Please, if you like any of my posts, feel free to share them on your pages or social medial accounts.  🙂

Too Twisted For Amazon!

I know people would be a little upset if their title was blocked on Amazon…not me!  I know that my writing is taboo.  I write sex.  Not erotic romance.  Sex.  Smut.  Porn.  Taboo fantasies that both men and women enjoy if they are twisted enough.  Apparently Wicked Fantasies was too twisted.

I expect more blocking on Amazon because I will continue to write erotic fiction.  There is no stopping the twisted mind of Kimber Sharpe…mwahahahaha!  So I’m looking for new places to publish.  In the meantime, if you like smut, check out my other titles available on my Amazon page:

The Pirate now available on Amazon!

ThePirateHi everyone!  I’ve got a new title available!  It’s called The Pirate and is the first installment of my new erotica series Jane’s Sex Adventures.  Jane has a magic necklace that transports her into the past for twenty four hours. The only way she can get home is through a burst of sexual energy. Jane finds herself in the belly of a pirate ship and is accused of being a witch. How is she supposed to return home if the men that could get her there are making her walk the plank?

Each installment is a sex adventure that takes place in the past.  I love this series because of Jane’s character.  In The Pirate, readers find out she has a cat named Mr. Tumnus.  She has a mother that is clearly disappointed that her daughter hasn’t married and has children.  She has an asshole ex boyfriend.   And more details about her life is revealed in each installment.  While the installments are short reads, I hope they will prove enjoyable to readers.

The Pirate is available now on Amazon for just 99 cents.  Click HERE to get your copy!


Internet Issues

I’ve not disappeared!  I have temporary limited internet access.  Once I have internet again, I’ll have several titles published at once!  I’ve been writing like a crazy woman.  So there will be more twisted smut coming soon!  I have already finished two new titles and am working on two more.  In the next couple of weeks I’ll have internet again (I’m moving) and then I’ll be able to get those out there to you guys.  Don’t give up on me!

In the meantime, Baby Girl, is selling like hotcakes on Amazon!  I’m thrilled that everyone likes the story!  Thank you to all the readers who purchased the title!


What’s coming up next?

For those who have enjoyed Daddy’s Little Sex Slave and Baby Girl, I’m working on a new smut story called Stranded! that should be finished by the end of this week and available on Amazon for 99 cents.  It’s about a woman stranded on an island with four men.  I’m also working on one that includes different role playing themes that I hope my readers will enjoy.  It’s currently untitled.  Of course, I always have new ideas popping up in my twisted brain so keep your eyes open for new titles all the time!





My twisted mind

I’ve been asked many times where I come up with the stories i write.  I just sit down at the computer and think of some dark idea.  Then I start writing and wing it from there.  I write about what I think is hot and then push and twist that idea until it’s really taboo.

i recently finished two more stories and have them available on Amazon.  One is the series of short stories.  I ended up calling the collection Wicked Fantasies.  Wicked Fantasies includes 4 hardcore sex stories about 2 hour sessions with women for a streaming feed to an internet website. These stories include voyeurism, forced sex, pain, bondage, double penetration, facial abuse, gang bang, and submission. These are NOT romantic stories.  To read a sample, visit the book page on Amazon HERE

The other story available is called Baby Girl.  Baby Girl is about a young woman who is sold by her mother’s boyfriend like a prostitute. This story is NOT a romance and contains explicit descriptions of violent sex acts, bondage, dominance and submission, pain, brutal oral and anal, and drug induced sex.  You can read more about it HERE.

Okay, and no, I’ve never had sex with any family member, blood related or not.  LOL  It’s just fiction and not real.

Nice to meet you

Hello.  This is my introduction to the world.  I’m Kimber Sharpe and I recently finished and published my first erotica story, Daddy’s Little Sex Slave, on Amazon.  So, yeah, as you can tell by the title of the book, I’m a little twisted.  🙂

I’m currently working on a series  of short stories called 2 Hour Streams.  So far I’ve finished Captured!, Raped!, Sacrificed!, and Abducted!  They are about 2 hours of brutal and taboo sex streamed live to the internet.  I hope to have the fifth installment called Tortured! finished later this evening for a set of five.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt of my published story to give you a taste of what I write.  This is a scene of Jessie and her stepbrother in the shower.

“Now you undress and get in the shower.”  He stepped past me and into the shower.  I did as he asked, dreading what he might tell me to do next.

“Well, go ahead.  Start cleaning me.”

I reached for the soap and lathered my hands.  I cleaned every part of him and then washed and rinsed his hair.  And he liked it.  His dick poked at my hip with every movement I made.  When I finished, I stepped back.

“You missed some spots,” he said in that raspy voice he had used before when he was about to be cruel.  “That was a bad little slave.  Daddy wouldn’t be happy if he found out.”  I bit my tongue and reached for the soap again.  Fine, I would jerk him off.  I lathered his cock and slid my soapy fingers up and down.

“My balls too,” He said.  “And my ass.” 

I did what he wanted.  Then moved back to his dick.

“With your mouth.”

I stared at him.  “But there’s soap!”

“Do it.”  His gaze hardened and he put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down to my knees.  I leaned forward and took his soapy dick into my mouth, wincing at the taste.  “That’s right.  When you mouth off to me you should get your mouth washed out with soap!”  He laughed then.

I sucked at his cock, ignoring the taste, hoping he would get off soon.  He pulled out and grasped his cock, lifting it.  I closed my eyes and took a breath then began licking at his balls too.  He lifted a leg to the ledge of the tub.

“Lick my asshole too.”  He told me.  I obeyed.  He wound one hand in my wet hair so he could control where he wanted me to be.  He roughly guided me back to his dick, and then released it so I could take it back into my mouth. 


I pressed him against the back of my throat and then began moving my lips back and forth up and down his length.  I jumped when he angled the showerhead to my face and I received a face full of water while he held my head there on his dick. 

“I said deeper.”  He rasped as he moved the showerhead away.  “Do it right.”

I tried but when he still wasn’t satisfied, he shoved me down so that I was sitting on my legs.  Holding the bar on the back of the shower wall with one hand, he straddled my face and jerked my hair back so that he had access to my throat.  He pushed into me to the hilt, then wrapped a leg around me to hold me there, grinding into my face so I couldn’t breathe.  When his hips began thrusting, I tried to move so I could get away from the brutal face fucking but he held me.

“Take it.”  He grunted down at me.  He worked my head by jerking my hair and I was surprised he didn’t pull it out.  Still it wasn’t enough for him.  He jerked away and I coughed and tried to catch my breath.

“Lay down.” 

I started to move but he stopped me.  “No, lay down with your legs under you.”  He had a dark look in his eyes.  I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t hit me if I didn’t do what he said.  So I obeyed.  He slid me forward so he could kneel right behind my head.  He leaned over me and took my arms, crossing them across my stomach and held them there where he could rest his arms on my legs, pinning me so that I couldn’t move.

“Open your mouth.”

I did and he slid his cock deep.  I didn’t gag and remembered to take a breath before he ground into my face.  His jabs were quick and hard and he groaned when I would struggle to breathe, enjoying my discomfort.  He’d pull back just enough for me to drag one breath and then smother me again. 

“Oh God, yes.  I’m coming, Jessie.”  And then he didn’t let me breathe at all.  I tried to buck but he ignored me, wild with need.  He shoved into my face, groaning and grunting until he finally filled my throat with cum.  Lights danced behind my lids.

“Swallow if you want to breathe.”  He snarled.  I tried and gagged and he lowered more of his weight on my face.  I tried to swallow some of it but gagged again when I tried to take the rest.  It was hard not being able to breathe.  And to my horror, he was growing hard again.  I tried to make a sound, to let him know I needed to breathe and that only made his dick jerk with excitement.

“Swallow it.”  He rasped again.  I at last managed to do what he wanted and he lifted off of me.  I sucked breathe into my lungs loudly and coughed.

He stood up and stepped out of the shower.  “Come dry me off.”  His eyes glittered when I looked at him and then lowered my gaze to his cock.  Dear God.  We weren’t finished yet.

If you like this kind of thing, you can buy the book on Amazon for 99 cents HERE.